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In Morocco, players are families of artisans carrying on the ancient traditions of the world famous Jemaa el-Fnaa market square in Marrakech, Morocco. Each day, they work to claim the best stalls across the market and attract customers to sample their wares or be enthralled by their amazing spectacles.


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In Heir to the the Pharaoh you and your opponent play as Bast and Anubis, each one vying for the Pharaoh's affection — and for his throne! Impress the Pharaoh by digging your mighty paws into the sand. Build majestic Shrines, Sun Temples and Obelisks! Use Animal Magic to unleash the power of the gods, who will help you win the favor of the Pharaoh!


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Continental Divide is not a game of luck or chance, but a competitive struggle of wits, savvy and guile. Many decisions await the creators of these railroads, including what routes to build, how to capitalize, and what goals to set -- both short and long term. This modern classic has all the challenges faced by the empire building capitalists that created a modern superpower.           


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Take It Easy is a true multi-player solitaire in which each player individually completes a hexagon-shaped board with spots for 19 hexagon tiles. There's no limit to number of players if you've got enough sets on hand. One person (the caller) draws a tile randomly and tells the others which of the 27 tiles featuring colored/numbered lines crossing in three directions, with numbers from 1 to 9, it is. "The 9-8-7," for example. Each player then chooses which empty spot on his own board he'll play the 9-8-7. This is repeated until the boards are filled.


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In Blockers! the goal is to have the fewest number of groups of tiles on the board at the end of the game. The players take turns placing one of their five tiles on a 9x9 grid and then draw another tile to replace it. There are three tiles which each player can place on each space: a letter, a number, or the item which represents the 3x3 sector of the board the space is in.

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Mystery Rummy Collection Cases 1 - 5 is a collection of rummy style card games by Mike Fitzgerald with innovative twists in play with well integrated mystery themes. Whether it’s catching Jack the Ripper, solving the mystery of the Murders in the Rue Morgue, dabbling in the lab with Dr.
Jekyll & Mr. Hyde, going on police raids against Al Capone and the Chicago underworld, or preventing escapes from Alcatraz, these games all provide great entertainment.


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Welcome to Eagle-Gryphon Games - and more.


Our mission is to produce the best quality games on the market in terms of both game play and components, as well as to provide great customer service.  


The Eagle-Gryphon Games Catalog includes games that promote fast, friendly, family fun that appeal to game players looking for light- to medium-weight strategy games, as well as for games that require deeper strategy and thought that may take up to several hours to play. Their theme is interwoven into the game play so that each game is unique, creating a world you inhabit as long as the game lasts. When you finish one of these games, you feel as though you've really accomplished something!  


Our lighter fast family fun games include our acclaimed Bookshelf Series with titles such as Roll Through the AgesFor Sale,Incan Gold, and Masters Gallery; our new E•G•G series which includes Fleet Wharfside, 12 Days of Christmas, King's Kilt, Krakatoa, and Seven7s (to name a few), award-winning games like Fantastiqa, Fleet, Pastiche, I'm the BossCheeky MonkeyTake it Easy, the Pick A Pig/Pick A Dog/Pick A Polar Bear/Pick a Seal series, and many, many more - all suitable for the entire family, game groups, classrooms, retirement villages and social gatherings of any size or kind. Our deeper strategy titles include classics like our Railways of World series, Through the Ages, Age of Steam, Defenders of the Realm, Empires: Age of Discovery and newer games like The Gallerist.


From this site, you can learn about our games, download the rules, see videos of gameplay or reviews to help you decide which Eagle-Gryphon Games are right for you and your gaming group. Find a retailer near you or purchase games directly from us. With an ever-growing lineup, this is the one stop you want to make for your next game night.


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Attack! Deluxe introduces bold new mechanisms with expanded Naval Combat, player government styles, new technology research, and seasonal combat. As the leader of a world power, you can choose to control trade routes on all seven seas or you can blitz the sovereign shores of your nearest nations by land: build the biggest army and crush your enemies before they crush you, or choke the life out of them by cutting their economic supply. All is fair in love and war after all!


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Vinhos (Portuguese word for "wines") is a trading and economic game about wine making.

Despite its small size, Portugal is one of the world’s leading wine producers. Over six years of harvests, cultivate your vines, choose the best varieties, hire the best oenologists, take part in trade fairs, and show your opponents you are the best winemaker in the game.

The players, winemakers in Portugal, will develop their vineyards and produce wine to achieve maximum profit.
The object of the game is to produce quality wines that can be exchanged for money or victory points.
Awake your senses and have fun making and selling your own wine.

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Empires: Galactic Rebellion is a sequel to the hit game Empires: Age of Discovery using similar overall mechanics. However, many of the specific actions have been reworked to follow the theme and new spheres of activities have been added to create an entirely new experience, including Covert Missions, The Galactic Senate and Capital Ship Fleets.

As the Rebel Faction Leader, you must lead your rebellion to free the galaxy from tyranny and thereby achieve ultimate victory!


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The Daedalus Sentence is a cooperative escape game that challenges players to use limited actions and effective communication in order to flee from their captors and escape a dangerous and ever-changing prison. Use your actions to explore your surroundings, overcome guards, or change the layout of the prison itself - just be careful that the moves you make to save yourself don't doom a teammate!


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