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Our mission is to produce the best quality games on the market in terms of both game play and components, as well as to provide great customer service.  


The Eagle-Gryphon Games Catalog includes games that promote fast, friendly, family fun that appeal to game players looking for light- to medium-weight strategy games, as well as for games that require deeper strategy and thought that may take up to several hours to play. Their theme is interwoven into the game play so that each game is unique, creating a world you inhabit as long as the game lasts. When you finish one of these games, you feel as though you've really accomplished something!  


Our lighter fast family fun games include our acclaimed Bookshelf Series with titles such as Roll Through the AgesFor Sale,Incan Gold, and Masters Gallery; our new E•G•G series which includes Fleet Wharfside, 12 Days of Christmas, King's Kilt, Krakatoa, and Seven7s (to name a few), award-winning games like Fantastiqa, Fleet, Pastiche, I'm the BossCheeky MonkeyTake it Easy, the Pick A Pig/Pick A Dog/Pick A Polar Bear/Pick a Seal series, and many, many more - all suitable for the entire family, game groups, classrooms, retirement villages and social gatherings of any size or kind. Our deeper strategy titles include classics like our Railways of World series, Through the Ages, Age of Steam, Defenders of the Realm, Empires: Age of Discovery and newer games like The Gallerist.


From this site, you can learn about our games, download the rules, see videos of gameplay or reviews to help you decide which Eagle-Gryphon Games are right for you and your gaming group. Find a retailer near you or purchase games directly from us. With an ever-growing lineup, this is the one stop you want to make for your next game night.


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In Xenon Profiteer, find out if you have the ingenuity, strategy, and tactical fortitude it takes to be recognized by several reputable business publications as the owner of the most influential domestic supplier of Xenon?


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Loop, Inc. puts you and the other players at work for Loop, Incorporated - the most prestigious time travel agency in the world! . . . Well, uh, that's not entirely true. Truth be told, it's a mismanaged third-tier agency owned by the slick Mr. Loop who cares more about making a buck than making sure the delicate weave of the space-time continuum stays tight and safe.


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Wombat Rescue is a novel game by designer Matt Wolfe in which you play a Mama wombat. The dastardly dingo has stormed your burrow and chased away 4 of your baby wombats! You will need to eat and digest food in order to produce poop cubes, with which you will build smell areas so you can navigate your environment, find your baby wombats, and bring them home. The player who best plans their smell areas and moves most efficiently will find their 4 babies, bring them home and prove victorious!


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Fleet Wharfside: What happens when Fleet gets to port? Find out in this stand-alone, follow up to the award winning games Fleet & Fleet: Arctic Bounty.


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Floating Market utilizes polyhedral dice, worker placement, and dice speculation to create a unique and accessible experience for gamers of all levels. The rules and turns are simple and intuitive and the game teaches quickly, making it perfect for a family or group of new gamers. Experienced gamers will appreciate the unique blend of new and familiar mechanics and the quick, fun gameplay that uses polyhedral dice in a new and interesting way.


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