Dexikon is a deck-building word game, in which players each begin with a small deck of versatile letter cards, and use these to spell words, score points, and buy other letter cards.


More expensive letter cards are less versatile, but they are worth more points and have increasingly powerful bonus effects when played - including messing with other players.

Instead of spending points to buy new cards, points from words can be 'banked' - once a certain number of words have been banked, each player gets one last chance to spell a word using their entire deck, then the player with the most points wins.

Dexikon Rulebook
English Rules for Dexikon
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Dexikon Rulebook - Gameplay
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Score Sheet
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Dexicon E•G•G Series #5

Dexikon Card Types

Core Cards

Core cards make up the player's starting deck. They have no special powers, and are only worth one point when played.



Penalty Cards

 Every deck starts with 4 Penalty cards. They act as wilds, but they are not worth any points when played, and are worth negative points at the end of the game.

Action Cards

Action cards allow the player to do something extra while spelling her word.



Cleanup Cards

After spelling a word, the player can use any Cleanup cards for an added benefit in future rounds.


Dual Purpose Cards

Some letter cards have both Actions and Cleanup abilities. You get to use both, making these very powerful cards!



Attack Cards

Attack cards make other players do things they'd rather not, such as gaining Penalty cards!



Response Card

 A player can show a Response card to ignore an opponent's attack. The player then puts the card back in his hand.



End Of Game Cards

 End of the game cards give special actions that are only usable at the very end of the game.


Dexicon Low Ink Print and Play
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Dexikon Scoresheet
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