There are many games that allow a player to conquer the world, but Attack! is one of the most enjoyable. The components are tremendous, the game plays quickly and easily, and those who love playing light war games with hundreds of figures will have a blast! Fans of Risk who find it too unpredictable and random will enjoy the additions of different troop types and the clever, excellent combat system. The plastic units, cards and board add a nice pre-World War II period flavor to the game, and the different abilities of the units make different strategies possible. The trading of the resources adds a bit of negotiation to the game, and the ship battles are unique and interesting.


Attack! sets the new standard for games of world conquest. Attack! raises the bar on quality for graphics, miniatures, and simple but elegant gameplay.



Hundreds of professionally sculpted miniatures (Tanks, Planes, Artillery, and Infantry)
Exciting World War 2 theme
Easy to learn rules; Deep gameplay
Expandable system

Dazzling artwork by world-renowned artist Paul E. Niemeyer


# of Players: 2-6
Mfg Suggested Ages: 10+
Playing Time: 180 mins




24 x 30 in. gameboard
600+ detailed plastic miniatures
8 red battle dice
2 blue regular dice
1 deck of economics cards
1 deck of navy cards




ATTACK! DELUXE - Rulebook (Draft)
Adobe Acrobat document [1.7 MB]

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