Blockers! & Blockers: The Card Game!

A minute to learn, a lifetime of fun!


Blockers! is an exciting abstract strategy game that can be enjoyed by the whole family.


Strategize! Block! Capture! Win!


The goal of Blockers! is to create connected groups of your own tiles on the board, while trying not to capture too many tiles of the same color. A group is any connected set of like-colored tiles on the board. Diagonal connections don't count. A tile that isn't next to any tiles of the same color also counts as a group. At the end of the game, you'll count the number of groups you have on the board, and the number of tiles you have of the color that you captured the most, and whoever has the fewest of these two things combined wins.


…take a minute to learn the card version of Blockers!


Get Ready: Define the game playing area with the 20 Frame Cards—Numbers on top and bottom and Letters on the side creating a 4 x 4 playing card area and then deal 16 Victory Cards onto the grid.


Strategize! Play a Hand Card face-up on the table in front of you, and then take a Victory Card from the matching row, column, or region on the “Board”. Place the Victory Card on top of a single stack in front of you. Every additional Victory Card you take this round must match either the color or the shape displayed by the card on the top of your stack. Be clever, you only get one of each type of Hand Card plus one “Kicker” (wild card). You will play as many rounds as there are players.


Block! Block your opponents and foil their plans by anticipating and taking the Victory Cards they will want based on the top card in their stack.


Win! Collect the most Victory Cards to win!


Blockers                                                     Blockers: The Card Game

# of Players: 2-5                                          # of Players: 2-4

Mfg Suggested Ages: 8+                             Mfg Suggested Ages: 8+

Playing Time: 30-40 mins.                           Playing Time: 20-30 mins.


Contents:                                                   Contents:


1 Game Board                                              A Total of 123 cards....

5 Tile Racks                                                 50 Victory Cards
140 Tiles (28 in each of 5 colors)                 20 Border Cards

Rulebook                                                      4 Sets of 12 Hand Cards

                                                                     5 Kicker Cards         

What They're Saying About Blockers


"Wow. The definition of elegant." ~~ Chris Comeaux on


"Quick enough game that won't get bogged down, deep enough to have plenty of ‘furrowed brow’ moments” ~~ Everett Hathaway on


"Simple rules, but so much is going on!!! Amazingly good abstract filler!" ~~Hiroshi Ishikawa on


Download the Rules
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Blockers - The Card Game

Blockers - The Card Game English Rules
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Blockers - The Card Game German Rules
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