Bowling Solitaire

Bowling Solitaire is a brilliant game that can be played in 5-10 minutes. With the cards provided, you form a triangle of 10-pins, and the objective is to knock down all of the pins. You do this by drawing cards (bowling balls) and applying simple math to knock down as many pins as you can per frame. Will you end up getting those much needed strikes? Or will you end up with hated gutter balls? Play to find out!


In his classic book Gamut of Games, the great American games designer, Sid Sackson, includes the rules for Bowling Solitaire, which Eagle-Gryphon is publishing for the first time ever!


Bowling Solitaire is included in the EGG Series #11 - Elevenses for One


Elevenses for One is a single-player game that takes only 5 minutes to play, the object of the game is to load up a tea-trolley with all the essentials for the Madam. There are only eleven tea cards (naturally) and 2 timer cards, and you must re-arrange tea cards sequentially in a card spread before the timer runs out! Each card has special actions to help improve your chances to fill your trolley in time. Elevenses for One is perfect for a quick distraction (while sipping tea!), and it is easily portable for gaming on the go!




Rules for Bowling Solitaire (Includes Elevenses for One)
Adobe Acrobat document [267.6 KB]

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