Dead Man's Chest

A Dice Game of Bidding & Bluffing

DEAD MAN’S CHEST is an exciting and fast dice game of bidding and bluffing for 3 to 8 pirates. To win, you must be the last Pirate standing. Grog not included!

Dead Man's Chest - Wood Edition
Dead Man's Chest Rules
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Dead Man's Chest - Cardboard Edition
Claims Chart
To start a round:

A Pirate smartly rolls the dice in the Treasure Chest and passes it closed to the next Pirate while claiming a value. (See Chart Above)
  • The Pirate may peek in the chest after rolling to determine the value of the roll before passing the closed Treasure Chest while claiming a value.
  • If the Pirate does not like the first roll, she may roll again, but may not peek at the second roll and must pass the Treasure chest to the next Pirate while claiming a value.
  • You may claim any value regardless of the roll.
When receiving a Treasure Chest and Claim, a Pirate can:

1) Challenge the claim and open the Treasure Chest to reveal who wins the challenge.
  • If the roll is equal to or higher than the claim, the passing Pirate wins and the receiving Pirate loses a gem. If the roll is less than the claim, the passing Pirate loses a gem.
  • The losing Pirate starts the next round.
2) Instead of challenging a claim, a Pirate may instead:
  • Shake, peek, and pass a higher claim. (You never peek first as that is a challenge!)
  • Or, if she doesn't like what she sees on the first shake, shake a second time WITH NO PEEK, and pass a higher claim.
3) A Pirate may even receive and pass the closed Treasure Chest without ever shaking or peeking as long as she makes a higher claim when she passes.
  • This is usually done when the previous Pirate makes a claim and asks you to pass it on in the hopes of catching a Pirate with more gems further along. She is asking you to trust her that the roll is even higher than claimed. Of course, she could be bluffing!
                          Lose a challenge and you lose a gem!

                           Bluff and deception are encouraged 

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