Advanced Minion Cards

Download the Advanced Minion Cards to enhance your game play. 

Alternative Dragonkin Card
Magical Assault: Each Die roll of 1 by the Hero when attacking the Dragonkin requires the player to discard a Hero Card OR Suffer 2 Wounds.
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Alternative Glutton
Corruption: When there are 3 Demons of any kind, add 1 Tainted Crystal to the Location.

Strength of Decay: Increase the To Hit number of all Demons at a Tainted Location by +1 per Tainted Crystal to a maximum of 6.
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Alternative Orc Warrior
Raiding Orcs: If 1 or more Orcs appear at a Hero's location during any player's Darkness Spreads Phase, the Hero suffers 1 Wound for each Orc.
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Alternative Skeletons
Fear: If a Hero ends their turn on a location with 1 or more Skeletons they suffer 1 additional Wound for Fear.

Dark Magic: Heroes may not use any Skills, Bonuses, or Special Cards against the Skeletons.
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Download the Rules
Rules for DotR: Minions
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