Francis Drake

Get Ready to Take The Voyage of a Lifetime!

Francis Drake returns you to a bustling Plymouth Harbour in 1572 as an aspiring Elizabethan captain making preparations for three exciting voyages to the Spanish Main in search of fame and fortune! Player Captains will have to plan their missions and provision their ships accordingly.
This is a race to see who can set sail and reach the Spanish Main first. The riches of the Aztec and Inca Empires await you, as well as many tough decisions that must be made before each voyage:

     * How many crew members, guns and trade goods will be needed?


     * What supplies will be needed to reach deep into the Caribbean?


     * Will a stronger Galleon be needed to attack the Treasure Fleets?


     * Can Special Charts from the Spanish Admiral and Governor help?


     * Will the Queen or rich investors back the voyage?


     * What information can The Informer give?


     * Will Drake himself be available to guide the voyage?


     * Who will get the use of the Golden Hind?


Each new voyage has its own challenges to overcome but the captured gold, silver and jewels should greatly please the Queen.


# of Players: 3-5
Mfg Suggested Ages: 14+
Playing Time: 120 mins




  • 1 Rule book
  • 1 two-sided Game Board (English & German)
  • 1 Voyage Marker and 1 Die
  • 5 Frigates and 5 Galleons
  • 5 each: Ship Logs, Treasure Chests, Scoring Markers & Investor Tiles
  • 30 Mission Discs (6 x 5 colors) and 50 Player Discs (10 x 5 colors)
  • 1 Plymouth Harbor Chart
  • 3 sets of 16 Location Tiles
  • 21 Supply Barrels, 33 Treasure Stones, 64 Cubes (black, gray, purple)
  • 4 sets of Commodities and 1 set of stickers (+ spare set)
  • 15 Counter Tiles

What They're Saying About Francis Drake

Francis Drake is hands down the best new game I played in 2013. My hat goes off to the designer and the teams of Kayal Games and Eagle/Gryphon Games. Very well done indeed!

               ~ David Lowry ~

Francis Drake is incredibly fun. The mechanics just click extremely well together and the choices are tough, but not so much that I get brain-burn.


              ~ Jason Grantz ~

Download the Rules
Francis Drake Rulebook.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [4.9 MB]

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