Incan Gold

"You and your fellow adventurers travel to Peru to find a ruined Incan temple and its treasures: turquoise, obsidian and gold. There are also rumors of valuable Incan artifacts. Will you chance dangers like giant spiders, mummies and fire during your search, or will you escape back to camp and safety, carrying out your loot?"


Incan Gold is an award-winning game in which players push their luck as they head into a ruined temple, attempting to find the most jewels.


Each turn, a card is turned over that increases the gold found in a temple or shows a hazard. Players can attempt to escape, keeping the loot that they've acquired, or stay in the temple, hoping for increased profits.


As players escape, those in the temple will acquire bigger shares of each pile of gold found, but also run the risk of dying if the same hazard card is drawn twice.


Up to eight people can play this game, so it works very well at parties and other gatherings, as players decide whether or not to stay or leave the temples. With quality components and a compelling theme, Incan Gold will be the first choice of large groups looking for a fun filled game.





# of Players: 3 - 8
Mfg Suggested Ages: 8+
Playing Time: 20 - 40 min.




  • 5 Temple Cards to make the Game Board
  • 16 Player Cards – 8 Torch Cards and 8 Camp Cards
  • 8 Tent Cards
  • 30 Quest Cards – 15 Treasure Cards and Hazard Cards (3 each of 5 Hazard Cards)
  • 5 Artifact Cards
  • 110 Treasures – 60 Turquoise, 30 Obsidian and 20 Gold

What They're Saying About Incan Gold


“This is an excellent game, worthy of nearly every collection. Gamers will like it as a nice, quick-paced and exciting alternative…Families will enjoy its simple rules, fun theme, and light-thinking, turn-toturn excitement. …This game is downright great, and I highly recommend it.” ~~ “Original Sultan” on


“I still can’t believe what an amazing gem of a game this is. It’s a short, simple game that handles up to eight players… the game is pure fun.” ~~Tom Vasel on

Rules for Incan Gold
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