A Reckless Romp in Rarified Air from Designer Scott Almes

Island Hopper, a game where you and the other players fulfill contracts for the various companies scattered throughout the archipelago, while bidding amongst yourselves for who is going to pilot the battered plane. Bribing the pilot is essential since everyone has different contracts for different islands, and not enough fuel to get to them all! With none of you being actual pilots, and the navigation system being shot, this forces the pilot to rely on the other players for directions to successfully deliver cargo. Since everyone wants to fulfill contracts on different islands, the question really is, who should you trust?


Scott Almes designed Island Hopper, along with other titles such as Loop, Inc. and the Tiny Epic series of games. Island Hopper is a fantastic addition to the gaming industry, and Scott's contribution will be a game that you will keep coming back to time and again.


# of players: 2 - 6

Mfg Suggested Ages: 10+

Playing Time: 60 minutes


Island Hopper Includes: 

  • 6 Goods Tokens
  • 1 Captain Tile
  • 12 Island Tiles
  • 1 Compass Island
  • 15 Direction Tokens
  • 81 Contract Cards
  • 9 Round Cards
  • 6 Money Screens
  • 145 Coins -- 80 copper (1's), 40 silver (5's), 25 gold (10's)
  • 1 Minute Time

What They're Saying About Island Hopper!


"My favorite thing is that this game is so original and different. Boy, it's a dexterity game. It has negotiation, it has bluffing, it has blind bidding. It's just kind of a really interesting take on dexterity!" - Just Got Played


"Suddenly, some players start to use their tokens to say the wrong thing, and then it's awesome!" - Edo's Game Previews


"One of our friends was playing the captain for the first time and she was like, 'I think my heart is beating a lot faster right now!' The game is fun, it's enjoyable... I encourage you to back it!"
- Tantrum House

Download the Rulebook

Island Hopper Rulebook
Adobe Acrobat document [5.4 MB]
Island Hopper Demand Cards
Adobe Acrobat document [2.7 MB]

Just Got Played Previews: Island Hopper!

Edo's Island Hopper Preview!

Island Hopper Preview from Kickstarter Conniption

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