Warage Background


You are a solitary hero fighting to survive in a world once afflicted by ancient wars between Orcs, Elves, Humans and Angels.

It does not matter if you are a Mage, a Paladin or a Warrior: all you have to do is to get the most powerful equipment you can find, such as handcrafted swords and shield, magic scrolls or what remains of the fire guns and hi-tech weapons produced by a now-gone civilization.
Defend yourself and defeat your opponents. Are you ready to fight?


What is Warage?


Warage is the ultimate turn-based strategic card game: role play, strategy and deck building merged all together for endless adventures.


The key mechanic of the game is that each Hero starts with 100 Hit Points (HP) and in order to play any card you have to pay its cost in HP. During your round you can equip your Hero with the items you have in our hand and you can attack your opponent(s) either through Physical Attack or Magic Attack.


Create your Hero choosing one of the Class cards and one of the Race cards available and construct your deck (48+ cards) selecting any of the existing cards. Deckbuilding and "RPG attitude" together, welcome to Warage!


# of Players: 2-4
Mfg Suggested Ages: 10+
Playing Time: 15 mins




327 total cards included
4 decks (50 cards each, including 1 Race card and 1 Class card) [200 total cards]
1 seasons deck (20 Season cards: 5x each Season card) [20 total cards]
107 additional cards (23 Amulet cards, 1x each; 29 Equipment/Helper/Spell/Flash cards, 3x each) [107 total cards]
Beginner’s guide
4 regular dice

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What They're Saying About Warage


“This is a competitive and robust pre-constructed deck game where it is possible to play a quick and intense battle.” -- Jon Beall, BGG.com


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Adobe Acrobat document [2.2 MB]

Gameplay FAQ


1. What is the difference between Round and Turn in Warage?


The Round is the game unit in which one player deploys its Opening, Equipment, Fight, Second Equipment and Closing phases. The sum of the Rounds of all the players in the game is called Turn.

2. Can I sell cards from my hand?

No, you can sell only the cards you control (i.e. into the game).

3. Can I sell cards during the Fighting Phase?

Yes, you can. Selling could be performed with the priority and speed of a flash card, thus you can sell a card adding its effect to the stack and then resolving it as any other effect. Also, remember that the resolution of the damage calculation is a separate event at the end of the attack, thus you can sell any equipment/amulet/spell right before the resolution of the damage calculation without affecting your Attack/Defence/Magic skills of the resolving attack.

4. When a helper is attacked, do I have to add a die roll to its Defence Skill as for the Hero?

Yes, you have to roll a die and you have to apply seasonal buffs/debuffs as per your Hero (e.g. if an Orc controls a Wolf and the Wolf gets attacked during autumn, you have to add 2 dice to the Defence Skill of the Wolf

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