Wizard's Brew

Wizard's Brew is a reimplementation of the Spiel des Jahres-nominated Das Amulett. Players are wizards who use their energy to power spells and collect ingredients from the game board. Collect the right combination of ingredients – which varies depending on the number of players – and you win!


Spell cards are the heart and soul of the game. You get two random spells at the start of each game, then can acquire more via short, "once around" auctions at the start of each round. You bid energy cubes in these auctions, and you have only ten, so bid wisely. When you win an auction, you place energy cubes equal to your bid on the spell card. A certain number of these cubes are removed from the card at the end of each round; once the final cube is removed, the spell leaves the game and you lose that power.


Spell cards generate the Element cards depicted on them for their owners. You then use these Element cards to bid on and collect Ingredients. You can bid for Ingredients only with the Elements shown on the landmark tokens on areas of the game board; these tokens are placed randomly each game. To increase the strategy and player interactivity, some Spell cards let you bid extra cards or different cards, while others allow you to change the rules for bidding. After visiting 3-6 areas, with the number being determined by a die roll at the start of the round, the round ends and players remove Energy cubes from their spells.


The game ends as soon as a player collects the required number of ingredients, e.g., in a six-player game, five differently colored ingredients or six ingredients in any combination of colors.


**Games Magazine Awards Nominee - Strategy Game of the Year 2014**



# of Players: 3 - 6
Mfg Suggested Ages: 13+
Playing Time: 60 - 90 mins




1 Game board
36 Spell Cards
112 Element Cards
6 Cauldrons
20 Landmark Tokens
52 Ingredient Tokens
1 Grab Bag
60 Energy Cubes
1 Special Die
1 Wizard Marker
1 Horse Marker
2 Player Aid Sheets


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Wizard's Brew Rules
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What They're Saying About Wizard's Brew


“I enjoyed Wizard’s Brew and consider it to be another solid offering from the folks at Gryphon. It’s a game with simple and accessible rules that plays out quickly and smoothly, while at the same time offering the prospect of satisfying decisions and the potential to explore interesting interactions between the various spell cards. And…that’s good stuff. Good decisions – tough decisions – satisfying decisions! The art work here is outstanding – as is the quality. Excellent work all round. Over-produced and lovin’ it!” ~~Flying Dutchman Reviews on BGG.com

Game overview at Origins 2013 

[DriveThruReview] #199: "18xAlchemy" 

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