We're Looking For a Few Good Gamers

Eagle-Gryphon Games is looking for a few good gamers!


Eagle-Gryphon Games WINGMEN teach others how to play our games at their friendly neighborhood game stores, book stores, local game groups, gaming conventions an other public gaming events. These events are determined by you, and provide an opportunity to recruit new players to Eagle-Gryphon Games.


To apply, send us an email and you will be contacted shortly about the possibility of becoming a WINGMAN (or WINGWOMAN).


Responsibilities of a Wingman:

  • Organize events for Eagle & Gryphon Games.
  • Schedule and organize demos & tournaments in game groups, game stores, book stores, libraries, and game conventions.
  • Hand out cool stuff to participants of your demos/tournaments.
  • Create a fun and pleasant atmosphere for all players.


Benefits for being a Wingman:

  • A cool WINGMAN T-Shirt
  • Free admission to gaming conventions
  • Work with the Eagle-Gryphon Games Team to play testing advance prototypes
  • Free games and other cool swag!
  • Advance notice of Eagle-Gryphon Games upcoming releases
  • Participation in Eagle-Gryphon Games Kickstarters


More information will be sent to you about the program after you contact us. So what are you waiting for? We need you to be part of a select group of gamers. A WINGMAN.

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